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Official Release

April 23, 2021


Broadway World

April 30, 2021



May 28, 2021

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If you can, please donate.

Effigy is being independently produced by creators Laura Anthony and L.A. Mars. We are not taking paychecks for the hours put into developing the piece, but we believe that our cast and crew should be compensated for their time––always, but especially now in light of the current pandemic.

Our main crowdfunding campaign is hosted on Indiegogo. Additionally, Effigy has a Patreon page for those who would prefer to donate a small amount of money per month, and all proceeds from our merch store will go towards production costs.

Our primary focus is providing stipends for our cast and crew, but there are other places we need to spend as well. This covers everything from costumes to volunteer insurance. Effigy is working off a zero-based budget: every penny of our goal for crowdfunding––and we know, it's not a small number––has its own job.

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